by Peta Condon

Sept 2012 and I stood upon a knoll on the Isle of Iona looking towards the Bay of Columba. Columba, an Irish abbot and mystic, known as the “dove” is credited with spreading Christianity in what is now Scotland.

I had been dancing and worshipping on the grassy plain below the Hill of Angels, having being prompted by Holy Spirit to walk to this bay on my own. As I stepped onto the knoll a great joy, tears and an overwhelming sense of the Presence of my beautiful Lord brought me to my knees. As I continued to engage this encounter on the knoll and the beach where Columba had landed, I perceived and was given keys for the journey in Christ that lay ahead as a new eon was upon us.




                                    POWER OF WORD AND THOUGHT



To journey into LOVE Himself, to be love as He is Love. Hearts that burn with passion in His all consuming fire and love. A lamp and light that never dies out.


Our hearts valuing and esteeming others in their uniqueness and diversity and all the body of Christ as there are NO denominations in Him. We are ONE in Christ, mystically united to Him and His body. 

The call to honor all the saints that have gone before, we journey with now, and those that will come. Honoring the full Ekklesia in Heaven and on Earth, co labouring with all including the cloud that cheer us on and trade into our lives.


I heard the whisper of His still small voice, saying “Ask for the same courage that was upon Columba and others like him." Courage to cross over and dwell in the Promised land going wherever He leads, functioning fully as a new creation being.

Courage NOT to be constrained by religious doctrine but live fully in the freedom of Christ, manifesting sonship upon the earth bringing His Kingdom governance, life, light and love.

Courage to not be dependent on the world’s systems, never stalling in mediocrity but embracing all of Him, aligning to who I am in Christ and Christ in me. Always moving as the cloud moves and journeying along the path already prepared in eternity for me.


In the encounter I was reminded of the power of my words and thoughts. Our words, sound, voice, thoughts all carry a frequency and a resonance that create and are displayed to both the natural and spiritual world around us. We change the world in and around us.

My encounter in Iona did not conclude there. I continue to re engage these keys handed to me, always seeking to grow in wisdom and understanding and in the fear of The Lord.

SONS are powerful and may we be Heavens reflections upon the earth.

Posted on February 5, 2018 .