HEAVEN'S REFLECTIONS : Turning and Reflecting Heaven Upon Earth - Peta Condon

by Peta Condon

Raising my hands and my heart to worship and engage His glorious Presence, I became immediately aware of moving in various realms of the heavens, experiencing swirling, glory, colours, angelic beings and brilliant light.

I heard a sound and a voice so powerfully in my spirit saying:

“THIS is REALITY - The place of your genesis, the place of your habitation abiding beyond the veil that has been torn and living in Christ and in the revelation of the Father."

Living  “raptured” in His Presence, responding to the call to "come up here" and live out of where we are already seated in Christ in heavenly places. Experiencing and “walking” in my Father's world and seeing what He is doing. Living in Heaven and functioning upon the Earth.

Focused upon the unseen world, our true reality. Turning and reflecting Heaven upon Earth.

Posted on February 5, 2018 .