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I want to share a deep place in my heart with you.  It can be summarized in one word - “transition."  This place of transition can be painful, especially when you have to give up many of the things you have sown your life in to.  However, transition can also be a most freeing, liberating place full of the Presence of God and full of Grace.  Many times transition can seem as the loneliest of places but I am here to tell you it does not have to be.  In fact, it can be the pivotal point in never feeling lonely again!  Transition is a state of being that, according to what we choose, can be the hardest time or the best time of our life.  We can live a life of constant increase from a place of consistent rest.  Increase cannot exist apart from change and this change is the momentum of a transcendent life.  This book, “Foundations of A Transcendent Life: Part 1” is my attempt at bringing a blueprint out of ‘darkness’ that practically outlays the process of transitioning to the transcendent life as desired by God, without having to wait for the “next move of God.”
Joseph C Sturgeon

In this book Joseph once again shares years of his life and walk with God in clear and loving terms. Joseph gives us access to the the understanding and fruit of countless hours, days, weeks and years in the presence of God, being taught of Heaven.  "Foundations of A Transcendent Life: Part 1" covers such aspects as accessing The Overshaddowing Presence, Abiding Intimacy, The Capacity To Receive Love and Positioning Yourself In The Presence of God.
This book, along with part two, lay a practical foundation for the interworking of God’s interaction with humanity in order to bring our hearts into perfect alignment with His. Foundations of A Transcendent Life is for all who desire to walk in the fullness of the stature of Christ and see heaven established on Earth.

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Treasures of Darkness Volume II : Echoes of a Father

It is my custom when I am by myself to pull out some chairs and invite Heaven to come and sit at my table. One day, no different than any other, Jesus, Peter, James and John appeared and sat in the chairs. I saw them in the spirit out in front of me as clear as it would be if you and I were eating at the same table. Jesus looked at me with a genuine smile and said, "I want you to have fellowship with us.”

In his second book in the Treasures of Darkness series, Echoes of a Father, Joseph Sturgeon records his experiences and conversations with the Cloud of Witnesses. Through visions and encounters Joseph introduces us to the citizens of Heaven, including Ezekiel, Jacob, King David, Moses, Enoch, Daniel and Einstein, as they invest their revelation into this generation.

This timely book is for all interested in relationship with the Cloud of Witnesses, their revelation of the patterns of Heaven and understanding their interaction with the earth. Revelation after revelation, Echoes of a Father is a precious and vital book for those desiring to co-operate with Heaven in this era. There is nothing else out there like it!

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Now available in Romanian

Treasures of Darkness

Joseph Sturgeon has released the first book in his Treasures of Darkness series, Chronicles of a Seer.

Inside Joseph describes many visitations with Jesus, to Heaven and how he started his amazing journey. In reading Chronicles of a Seer you will be deeply impressed by the kindness of Jesus, the greatness of his kingdom and what is available to every believer.

From The Author:

"I want to share my heart with you. There are many people in the world today that are beginning to have 'Enoch like' experiences. Over the past years in my short time in ministry I have heard the statement “walking with God like Enoch did." God is moving so quickly and powerfully now that walking with God like Enoch did will become a common experience."

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Now available in Romanian