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The Bedtime Book

An endearing bedtime story book for young kids and adults alike. Revealing the mysteries and adventures our Father has waiting for us when we rest our eyes.

Written by Devin Wright, illustrated by Lizzie Masters.

Overall Contributions from Lindi Masters, Yeye and Charles Ikenna, Rebecca Morris.


The Bedtime Journal

Accompaniment to "The Bedtime Book" Use this in conjunction with The Bedtime Book as a journal for your children.
This book assists young kids to work through their dreams making bedtime a pleasant experience rather than a frightening one. Children will learn to interpret their dreams and understand the signs and meaning. Children will learn essential life skills and coping mechanisms.
Written by Devin Wright and illustrated by Lizzie Masters


The Remember Book

The Remember Book and The Remember Journal were created by MYSTKDZ to help lay a foundation for children (and care-givers!) to learn more about where we came from and who we are. Understanding who we are helps us to understand who we will be. 

We encourage you to incorporate the principles of The Remember Book as part of your daily conversations with your child. One way to do this is by talking to your child regularly about the wonderful way that God made them and reminding them that He has great big plans for them. For example: If your child loves to write stories, you could remind them that they were made that way and encourage them to ask God to put stories in their heart to share with others. 

The Remember Journal

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